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Relief from Chronic Pain

Posted on 06/02/23 by Beth in Community News

Gloria Levine was Associate Administrator of Menorah Park for 21 years, and held other positions as well. In her 35 cumulative years here, she was involved in the building of Stone Gardens and Wiggins Place. “Menorah Park is very near and dear to my heart,” Gloria says. “It was so meaningful to work with residents and families, to know that we were providing excellent care and meeting the needs of the community.”

Relief from Chronic Pain

She adds, “I really enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to be innovative and creative in developing programs that benefited the residents.”

While she was not directly involved in the building of the Peter B. Lewis Aquatic & Therapy Center, she knew how fortunate the community would be to have such a facility on their doorstep.

“When I first had my injury 23 years ago,” Gloria says, “I was still working. So I had to be able to deal with the pain and continue with my daily routine.” And the Center was there for her.

“I knew that at the end of the day, I would be able to go to the Center, whether it was for aquatic therapy or on my own to exercise and reduce my pain.”

“When I retired, it was important to know that there was somewhere to go where I could obtain some form of relief from my chronic pain. I had therapy as needed, but one of the most meaningful aspects of going there is the people I met.”

Relief from Chronic Pain

Chronic pain specialist Steve Saneda, PNE, helps participants like Gloria live their best lives

While Gloria recognizes the importance of the exercise and therapy she received at the Center, there was another reason to go. “The emotional and social support that you receive from other participants – whether they’ve just started or have been members for years – is so helpful. I’ve made many friends there and seen many people come for therapy and then become members because of the atmosphere of empathy and support.”

“One thing about chronic pain, for me, is that it’s never the same. Whenever you have a flair up, it’s different,” Gloria says. “The great thing about the therapists at the Center is that they all have their specialties. And even if you’ve exhausted the ways you know to manage pain, there’s someone there who can add a new tool to your toolbox.”

Therapy, exercises, breathing techniques, meditation, understanding how you perceive pain – all are ways that can help to manage chronic pain.

“There are days when you just don’t know how you’re going to get through the day, and the mental aspect of pain is so completely draining. It’s a blessing to know that I have somewhere to go to get treatment and relief and to share with a group that understands and supports each other.”

Gloria continues to make the 30-minute trip from her home to the Center regularly. “After all these years, it is truly a life-saver.”

To learn more about the Peter B. Lewis Aquatic & Therapy Center, call 216.595.7345. The Center services are also provided directly to campus residents in their residences.

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